Our History

Duke Vertices is Duke University's premier undergraduate research journal and online science magazine. Established in the early 1980s, we're proud to continue a tradition of science journalism.​ Since the organization's revival in 2018, we've expanded to a hybrid model of science writing and undergraduate academic publishing.

2024-2025 Team

Executive Board

Reed Lessing
President & Editor-in-Chief of Science Magazine

Reed (Trinity ’25) is from New York and is majoring in Neuroscience with a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Outside of Vertices, she studies neuroimmunology in the Eroglu Lab and coordinates events for NeuroCare (Duke's mental health advocacy group). In her free time, she enjoys hiking at Eno, rating new restaurants on Beli, and serving as a crash cushion for airborne toddlers as a ski instructor.

Sasha Bacot
Co-Editor-in-Chief of Undergraduate Research Journal

Sasha (Trinity ’25) is from South Carolina and plans to major in biology. She loves being a Vertices peer reviewer because it allows her to delve deeper into what she's most passionate about: scientific research! Outside of her work with Vertices, Sasha loves to figure skate, listen to music, and try out all the cool restaurants in Durham (especially for boba)!

Kaeden Hill
Co-Editor-in-Chief of Research Journal

Kaeden (Trinity ’25) is from Atlanta, Georgia and is majoring in biology with a concentration in molecular and cell biology. He is specifically interested in DNA tumor viruses and how their “cellular hijacking” can drive cells towards cancer, and he is a member of the Luftig Lab, studying Epstein-Barr virus and the cancers it causes. Outside of academics, he loves hiking, traveling, skiing, scuba diving, collecting minerals, and making jewelry.

AJ Kochuba
Artistic Director

AJ (Trinity ’25) is from Cary, North Carolina, studying neuroscience, psychology, and visual arts on the pre-med track. AJ is particularly interested in humanities-based approaches to medical practice and research and hopes to enrich the symbiotic relationship between the fields of science and arts. Outside of Vertices, AJ can be found hosting arts- and identity-focused events, competing on the pickleball courts, and performing in dance showcases.

Zishen Li
Website Manager

Zishen (Trinity ’27) is from Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, planning on majoring in biology and minoring in visual arts on the pre-med track. Zishen is interested in science communication as well as how art and science can be combined. Outside of Vertices, she is a part of the TIRTL Lab studying the immune responses to transplants. She also enjoys volunteering with Help Desk, acting with Duke Chinese Theater, playing ball sports, and exploring new things!

Will Sun
Outreach Director & Staff Writer of Science Magazine

Will (Trinity ’27) is originally from San Jose, California and plans on majoring in Biology. In his free time, he enjoys collecting keychains, playing basketball, and going on walks.

Eric Lee
Treasurer & Senior Editor of Research Journal

Eric (Trinity ’26) is from Jacksonville, Florida and is majoring in computer science. Eric is particularly interested in the intersections of computer science with psychiatric medical research. Outside of Vertices, Eric enjoys playing ping-pong, practicing the piano, singing with friends, and playing Mario Kart.

Gabrielle Floyd
Social Media Director

Gabrielle (Trinity ’25) is from Nashville, TN and is majoring in Public Policy with a Sociology minor and a Markets and Management certificate. Outside of Vertices, she is involved with Duke University Union’s marketing and special events planning. She enjoys playing tennis, nature walks, and collecting keychains.

Daliya Rizvi
Community Events Director

Daliya (Trinity ’27) is studying biochemistry and applied ethics on the premed track. Outside of Vertices, she is passionate about music, research, reading, and running track.

Undergraduate Research Journal

Vishruth Hanumaihgari
Senior Editor

Vishruth (Trinity ’27) is from Allentown, Pennsylvania and plans to major in neuroscience. He loves doing research in the lab, and he joined Vertices because he can read other people’s work and help them publish the best possible version of their projects. Outside of Vertices, Vishruth also loves to play basketball and try new foods!

Eliza Goldstein
Senior Editor

Eliza (Trinity ’26) is from New York and is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Global Health. She is interested in clinical and social psychology, specifically the intersections and variance of psychopathology among differing backgrounds and experiences. At Duke, she is the Lab Manager for the Culture Lab and a Research Assistant for the Zucker Lab. Outside of research, she enjoys biking, reading, and spending time with her friends.

Science Magazine

Lydia Cox
Senior Editor

Lydia (Trinity ’25) is from Charleston, SC and is majoring in Biology. She enjoys nature photography, arts and crafts, and game/movie nights with friends!

Ashleigh Waterman
Senior Editor

Ashleigh (Trinity ’26) is from North Carolina and is majoring in Neuroscience. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, baking, reading, and painting pottery.

Grace Richardson
Senior Editor

Grace (Trinity ’26) is from Minneapolis, MN and majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish. Outside of Vertices, Grace studies astrocytes in the Eroglu Lab, plans events for the Duke Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, and enjoys watching movies, exploring Durham, and spending time with her friends.

Jean Chung
Staff Writer

Jean (Trinity '26) is a Biology major with a minor in Environmental Science from Long Island, New York. She is interested in the intersection between environmental health and human health and serves as a mentor for Duke's Health and Environmental Scholars Program. Outside of class, she loves to run, read, and consume peanut butter.

Vinicius Fu
Staff Writer

Vinicius (Trinity ’26) is originally from São Paulo, Brazil and majoring in Biology. He currently works in the Collier Lab researching peptide nanofibers. Vinicius loves trying new restaurants and going on hikes with his friends. In Vertices, he enjoys the freedom to write about research topics he wouldn't otherwise explore.

Kat Zhang
Staff Writer

Kat Zhang (Trinity ’27) is a Chemistry and Economics double major. Outside of class, she enjoys doing research at the Matsunami Lab and playing with dogs at the Puppy Kindergarten.

Cathy Xiang
Staff Writer

Cathy (Trinity ’25) is from Plainsboro, New Jersey and hopes to major in Global Health and Biology on the pre-med track. She is excited to help provide an accessible platform on science news and research through Vertices!