Data Corroboration of The Catastrophic Chernobyl Tragedy Using Arc-Length Estimate Conjecture

January 19, 2023
Undergraduate Research

By Manan Roy Choudhury, Anurag Dutta, Arnab Kumar De

Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology, Serampore, India


Nuclear power is perhaps one of the biggest keys to empowerment for any country. In fact, nuclear power has been the backbone of the international superpowers like the US and USSR since the 20th Century. Alongside its merits, nuclear power carried some demerits propping on it. One of the biggest amongst all was the Chernobyl nuclear cataclysm that occurred on the 26’th April 1986. Within hours of the explosion, nuclear radiation blanketed the whole city of Pripyat, Ukraine. In this paper, we have developed a notion namely “Arc-Length Estimate Conjecture” to detect anomaly, and fairness in data sets. If an anomaly is found, the Arc Length Estimate Conjecture is capable of dissecting the anomality in magnitudical terms. Further we have analyzed the Radiation that emerged from the Chernobyl Catastrophe by looking at the concentration of radioactive elements that were measured from different parts of the world. We have considered the elements I131 and Cs134 as elements of utmost importance and have tried to verify the data put forward by USSR regarding the radiation emission level of these radio actives. social-circles, and non-religious students. The results of this study and related studies to follow will be used to inform improvements to mental health counseling and outreach to at risk individuals at universities across the United States.

Keywords: Chernobyl, Benford’s law, Zipf’s law, Nuclear Reactions, Chi-Square Test, Mean Absolute Deviation

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